By Madison Blask

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When it comes to creating SEO-minded content — as is the goal of content creators of any specialty — keywords are your best friend… and have the potential to be your biggest enemy. What was once a straightforward communication tool used for copywriters to…

By Madison Blask

Writer’s block, artist’s block, Jenny from the Block. What do these phenomena all have in common? They all pertain to J. Lo, of course! Just kidding, I would never dare assume that Jennifer Lopez has ever suffered from a creative block of any type.

J lo smiling holding a coffee cup creativity
Image from @jlo on Instagram

Not including J. Lo, — everyone gets some sort of creative block every now and then. Sometimes it’s obvious, like when you find yourself staring at a blinking cursor on a blank doc page for the better part of an afternoon. …

By Madison Blask

Typically, I approach every copywriting assignment with an air of excitement. I fill my favorite mug to the brim with fresh coffee, sit down to re-familiarize myself on that day’s client’s style guide, and begin color-coding the outline for my new project. But lately, I find myself lacking the motivation to even fill my mug.

It can be difficult to feel motivated to write marketing copy when the world outside your home office window is on the brink of collapse. Whether my phone is pinging with a news alert about another state’s recent surge of COVID-19 cases or an Instagram DM from…

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A Boston-based marketing and design company. Musings by co-founder @katboyarsky and @iammadi_SON.

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